Antarctica, again.

It’s happening again. I’ve made the trip down to Casey Station for another summer in Antarctica.

We flew down a few days ago on a government Airbus A319. From Hobart to Wilkins Aerodrome, 70 kms from Casey. Inside, it’s not your usual commercial airplane. Some seats are missing for more moving around room, the cockpit is open and you can go hang out with the pilots and 40 minutes from landing on the ice we put on our full survival gear ready to step out into -15c degree temperatures.

I made a few photos of inside the plane on our trip down. Antarctic_flight_NOV2014_webres5 Antarctic_flight_NOV2014_webres4 Antarctic_flight_NOV2014_webres3 Antarctic_flight_NOV2014_webres2 Antarctic_flight_NOV2014_webres1An

Various photos from the AAD.

I’ve just finished a few weeks of training at the Australian Antarctic Division in Hobart, Tasmania. Here are a few pics snapped on the Iphone while finding my way around the place. Some are of the vehicles that will be down south, depending on the station.

We are due to fly down to Wilkins runway and onto Casey Station tomorrow morning.

aad_headquarters_webreshagglunds_tracked_aad_webres aad_larks_boat_truck_webrespolaris_tracked_aad_webres Below: a model of Casey Station.casey_model_aad_webrescasey_badge_latlong_webres