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Flickr have chosen another of my images from my time in Antarctica for their blog. This time it’s of the ‘Wilkes Hilton’ near Casey Station. A field hut used as a weekend getaway from station.

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It seams Flickr has included one of my Antarctic images in a recent gallery called, Amazing Antarctica.

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Reeve's Hill

Wilkes Station, Antarctica.

I am Currently doing a season down at Casey Station in Antarctica. Working with the Australian Antarctic Division for the summer. Over the bay, 1.5 miles North of here, is Wilkes. We use it as a field hut for trips away for the night, or weekend.

Wilkes station was established as a research base on the 29th of January 1957 by the USA. On the 7th of February 1959 it was transferred over to Australian control and used as their station until they occupied the new Casey station in 1969.

Here are some pics i have from one of these trips.antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_hagg_transport_dec13_webres  The Hagglund, our transport over to Wilkes.antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_hilton_hut_inside_dec13_webres  Inside the Wilkes Hilton, the accommodation. antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_hilton_hut_dec13_webres  Outside view of the Wilkes Hilton.  antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_crates_snow_dec13_webres  Some of the many things left behind as the were.antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_landscape_dome_ocean_dec13_webres  A weather dome, like most other buildings, left to be.antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_landscape_abandoned_station_dec13_webres  Most of the buildings are covered and filled with snow and ice.antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_landscape_3xpenguins_dec13_webres  Some Penguins, following us as we explore.antarctica_rorygatfied_wilkes_landscape_dome_dec13_webres A view of the abandoned buildings and towers.

My Flickr Photostream

I put a lot of photos up on my Flickr Page these days. So, if your wanting a look at what i’ve been making photos of, check out this set of life in and around Casey Station, Antarctica.

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Here are a couple of the latest photos i’ve made today…


It begins today.

Up at 2am, 4 and a half hours on a plane, landing on ice, 3 and a half on a bus named ‘Prisilla’ that has tracks instead of wheels. Arriving at Casey Station. Inductions, tours and kitting. Now almost 24 hours later, its time to sleep. I will have many more photos as time goes on.

I thought this one was fitting as you don’t see many planes going that way on the destination map.plane_antarctica_aad_southpole_casey_webres

Various photos from the AAD.

I’ve just finished a few weeks of training at the Australian Antarctic Division in Hobart, Tasmania. Here are a few pics snapped on the Iphone while finding my way around the place. Some are of the vehicles that will be down south, depending on the station.

We are due to fly down to Wilkins runway and onto Casey Station tomorrow morning.

aad_headquarters_webreshagglunds_tracked_aad_webres aad_larks_boat_truck_webrespolaris_tracked_aad_webres Below: a model of Casey Station.casey_model_aad_webrescasey_badge_latlong_webres