Adelaide City Dirt Almost-Octoberfest Jam 2014.

For the second year in a row i went over to Adelaide for the Halloween weekend of BMX festivities. There was the Chief Street Halloween party jam on the Friday night, City Dirt’s ‘Almost-Octoberfest’ Jam on the Saturday and Nathan Parker’s Jam at his ‘Herm Trails’ spot north of the city. It was all time, action packed and fun as anything.

Here are a selection of my favorite photos from Saturday at City Dirt.

A big thanks to all the riders who killed it and showed us what it’s like to fly all weekend.


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Perth Street Photos

I recently went to Perth for a few days, armed with my camera, a 50mm ƒ/1.4 lens and a few days to spare in the city streets. I had other lenses with me but only used this 50mm fixed as it is new and i wanted to learn it well. I saw a lot of great old buildings in the city that i would have loved to photograph with a wide angle, but i’m kinda happy with sticking to one lens this time. It was nice knowing what the image would fit in before bringing the viewfinder to my eye. I got used to it. It’s my new  favorite lens. Following this are a few of the images i captured during my few days in Perth. I think some show the City’s not so much hidden but not so seen aspects, others show everyday life. Perth’s City alleyways connecting the streets together were my favorite to photograph.