Karratha dirtjumps

These set of dirt jumps, built over a year ago now, have been fixed up and been running pretty good recently. I’ve been down with Brad taking some pictures of him on his bike. He’s a pretty talented rider and dedicated to digging and riding while in town, so i’ll be down there taking a lot more photos for sure.ktowndirt_bmx_b&w_jump_jan13_webres ktowndirt_bmx_nofootcan_jump_jan13_webres ktowndirt_bmx_superman2_jump_jan13_webres ktowndirt_bmx_turndown_jump_jan13_webres ktowndirt_bmx_superman1_jump_jan13_webres ktowndirt_bmx_jump_jan13_webres ktowndirt_bradlegs_webres ktowndirt_brad360_webres

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