Tokyo Street

I have just arrived home from the best holiday in Japan. In short, it involved 12 days in Hakuba snowboarding, then 5 days in Tokyo, shopping, walking and of course taking a lot of photos. Here are a few.

Enforcing the no smoking rule?

From inside the busy train. Everyone is in a rush. All day, all long.

Again, the rush underground. Plus, face-mask-fashion.

Takeshita Street, Harajuku. Worth a visit just for the people.

View of the tower in back, lady on one of thousands of bikes in the city.

A bit of rain in the city.

A man sending a message in the middle of the ‘busiest intersection in the world’, Shinjuku.

Some ‘Yen Bones’ as a friend called it

Overall it was a great trip, and was so much fun. Tokyo is one of the best areas i’ve been to get some good street photos.

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    • Thanks, yes. Sometimes I do pan for shots, to keep the subject sharp with low shutter speeds, in darker areas.

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