In and around Karratha.

It’s been 9 months since i’ve arrived in Karratha. One of the biggest mining towns in Western Australia. On a map, the Pilbara is just a dot in the north west, but it spans over a massive amount of land from oceans to outback, desert to mining towns. Karratha itself is small but the surrounding area is full of long straight highways, never ending, sun soaked, flat land. These photographs i have chosen are taken over this period when i have had time away from my long work hours. I’m here to earn the money, but in doing that, it’s hard to find the time for my camera. But i do, and these are the resulting images.

Above is taken onto of the hill behind Karratha township. In the frame is about half of the town.

The lightning comes in close to the town, usually stay behind the hills for a while and moves on down the coast. Great opportunities for photos on these stormy nights.

Rio Tinto. The mining giant. I work on one of their sites, for a contracting company. These trains are non-stop carting iron ore to the ships on the coast to send off to china.

Sunsets are magic in the Pilbara. Add the full moon, and here you go.

This was taken on my flight into town. The first image of mine taken in Karratha.

2011 FeNaClNG Festival
Fe[Iron]NaCl[Salt]NG[Natural Gas]

Taken last year at this festival.

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