Home studio shots

I wanted to put my thoughts of a home studio into action, so a couple of weeks ago i bought some materials to make it possible to setup a place for some simple portraits in our spare room. I have some flashes which i can fire off the camera and for these photos i used just one to keep it simple and easy. I placed it just off to the side behind some white cloth acting the same as an umbrella would and had some black cloth behind the subject to give the dark background i wanted. The resulting images worked well i think. I’ll have to get some more willing subjects, but i think im onto something, so far anyway.

Above is a friend, Jarod and our cat, Billy. Great pose, they are both made for the camera, as much as they both hate it.

Again, great pose. One to place onto photo ID maybe.

His eyes i kept in color to show the vividness they can have sometimes. (i still like the b&w though)

In the end he didn’t mind too much with the photos (and flashes) he mostly just wants to play. Considering all flashes were fired from the right side of the images, they show enough detail and light to get an acceptable photo.

More portraits to come in the future.

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